South Asia and Beyond

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‘A Coalition Of Equals & The Willing Against China’

NEW DELHI: China’s sudden bout of aggression in Ladakh in the past few months, is pushing the world and even India, into re-examining the fundamentals that have guided policy towards Beijing.  It’s no longer about investing in China or how to get Chinese investment, it’s about “de-coupling” and ensuring that supply chains diversify away from […]Read More

Trump 2.0 Or Can Biden Prove A ‘Point’?

NEW DELHI: Fifteen days to go before America votes in what is claimed to be its most divided electoral moment. Divided because more than 200,000 dead by Coronavirus and a highly charged debate over whether Donald Trump is culpable for not taking the virus seriously. As Democratic nominee for vice president Kamala Harris has pointed […]Read More

VP Debate: Pence Gets Praise But Kamala Was The Winner

NEW DELHI: Vice-presidential debates are usually more of convention than substance. The idea that two candidates – neither of whom is likely to occupy the top spot of being president – ensure that these debate are listened to with polite respect but after a while the viewers tune back to the main event – the […]Read More

With A Swipe At India, Trump Nails Biden In First Debate

NEW DELHI: President Trump did what he does best – attack. At the first of the three US presidential debates on Wednesday morning, it was a no-holds barred schoolyard scrap with moderator Chris Wallace seemingly unable to stop what many commentators have described as the worst presidential debate in recent history. On the Democrats side, […]Read More

‘Erdogan Wants Armenian Genocide To Be Buried, Forgotten’

New Delhi: Over a century ago, Armenian Christians in eastern Turkey were subjected to genocide and mass expulsion by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid. It is considered to be among the earliest examples of “ethnic cleansing”, with over one million Armenians killed. It is seen as the forerunner of the ethnic cleansing practiced by the […]Read More