South Asia and Beyond

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‘The Next Stop Is About India’s Journey To Natural Gas’

NEW DELHI: Gas is good and therefore the way to go, argues Vikram Singh Mehta, in this seminal volume The Next Stop, which he has edited. The book has 24 chapters written by experts and professionals covering everything from “Why Gas?” to supply and demand issues, the case for India, regulation and sustainability and so […]Read More

A Guide To Contemporary China

New Covid-19 cases, up from 25 a day earlier Covid infections are on the rise with 46 new confirmed cases on Friday, including 31 locally transmitted cases, all in southeastern Fujian Province, according to the latest data from the National Health Commission. Several areas in and around Fujian have been classified as medium to high-risk […]Read More

Panjshir, The Last Bastion Standing

NEW DELHI: Amid the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban regaining control over territory happened in quick time. Many provinces fell like a pack of cards. But Panjshir Valley is still holding out. Former vice-president Amrullah Saleh has joined forces with the National Resistance Front spearheaded by Ahmad Massoud, the son of Afghanistan’s […]Read More

Why No One Is Safe From Pegasus Spyware

NEW DELHI: Edward Snowden alerted us to the threats to privacy back in 2013. But recent revelations that software made by an Israeli firm NSO Group called Pegasus spyware, which is potentially hacking billions of phones across the world, has ensured that threats to democracy have become all too real. An investigation called the Pegasus […]Read More

‘World War II Told From An Indian Perspective’

NEW DELHI: Saving The World From Hitler is a handy little book of 119 pages, fast paced and easy to read with the focus on India’s role in World War II. The author R.Prasannan is Senior Coordinating Editor of The Week, a publication of the Malayala Manorama Group. In this chat on Books Corner, Prasannan […]Read More

Who Is Iran’s New President Ebrahim Raisi?

NEW DELHI: Iran’s newly elected president Ebrahim Raisi is considered an uncompromising hardliner by the West. He also has a controversial past. Raisi has been personally sanctioned by the US in 2019 for human rights violations as he sat on the infamous ‘death tribunals which authorised the killings of thousands of political prisoners. Considered to […]Read More

Andamans: Poised To Be India’s Springboard To Indo-Pacific

NEW DELHI: As geopolitics over the Indo-Pacific hots up, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands—India’s easternmost seaboard—find themselves in the midst of renewed focus and infrastructure development activities. Their location, close to the Malacca Straits, is a strategic asset as is their proximity to Indonesia and Thailand. In this episode of ‘The Gist’, StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief […]Read More