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Ashwin Ahmad

Traveller, bibliophile and wordsmith with a yen for international relations. A journalist and budding author of short fiction, life is a daily struggle to uncover the latest breaking story while attempting to be Hemingway in the self-same time. Focussed especially on Europe and West Asia, discussing Brexit, the Iran crisis and all matters related is a passion that endures to this day. Believes firmly that life without the written word is a life best not lived. That’s me, Ashwin Ahmad.

The Complicated Legacy Of Hosni Mubarak

“The corrupt butcher has died without being held truly accountable for his crimes.” Many Egyptians would concur with the sentiments of activist and journalist Hossam al-Hamalawy on the death of former president Hosni Mubarak at the age of 91. His last years were spent in the luxury of the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis and a […]Read More

Trump Visit: India Shouldn’t Expect Any Statement Of Reassurance On

NEW DELHI: With United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s offer of mediation, along with four bipartisan U.S. senators having recently written to U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo voicing concerns about the human rights situation in Kashmir, New Delhi would certainly welcome a statement of reassurance from President Donald Trump, especially when he is in India. But […]Read More

Who Are They? Profiles Of The Three Indian-Origin Ministers In

NEW DELHI: “What the prime minister giveth, the prime minister taketh away…” These words from a Facebook post by former environment secretary Theresa Villiers, summed up the Conservative party’s abject acceptance of the cabinet purge by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Trump-style sacking and the induction of the new cabinet ministers, many of whom are […]Read More

‘India-UK Ties Will Strengthen Post-Brexit’

NEW DELHI: Post-Brexit, India will find itself being wooed more assiduously by the UK and the European Union. As Ranjan Mathai, former foreign secretary and former high commissioner to the UK, points out in an interview with StratNews Global Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad, the formal exit of the UK from the EU on January 31 […]Read More

Libyan Crisis: Proxy War Between Russia And Turkey Will Affect

NEW DELHI: With Russian mercenaries, a general allegedly backed by the CIA, and an ongoing civil war that now threatens to cut the country’s oil production to zero, the Libyan conflict is slowly taking the geo-political centre-stage in West Asia. Though the world’s eyes are still fixed on a possible escalation of the US-Iran conflict, […]Read More

Brazil, India Deepen Strategic Partnership, Ink 15 Pacts On Eve

NEW DELHI: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro kickstarted his India visit, his first visit as a head of state to the country, by signing 15 economic pacts with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the anvil for some time, these pacts – especially the much sought after Investment Cooperation and Facilitation Treaty (ICFT) which encourages investors in both […]Read More

Brazil’s Rising Global Influence Is In India’s Interest

NEW DELHI: President Jair Bolsonaro’s first state visit to Delhi has thrown up questions on the India-Brazil relationship, where it stands, and what more can be done to build up ties. Speaking to StratNews Global, Deepak Bhojwani, former Consul General in São Paulo and an analyst of Latin American affairs, tells Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad […]Read More

EU Sees India Relationship As Key To Its Future

NEW DELHI: Europe seems to be at a crossroads today. The US pivot towards Asia has ensured that global geo-politics is slowly but surely being played towards the east of the world. This trend, exacerbated by growing tensions within the transatlantic alliance, and the fact that the 28-member organisation cannot seem to pull together on […]Read More

Chinese Ships Have Entered Our Exclusive Economic Zones In IOR,

NEW DELHI: Concerns about China, and China’s increased naval presence was uppermost in the mind of India’s Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh. Speaking at the Raisina Dialogue, he acknowledged that China’s heightened activity in the Indian Ocean was something that New Delhi was keeping a close eye on.  “The PLA Navy, which is […]Read More