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Ashwin Ahmad

Traveller, bibliophile and wordsmith with a yen for international relations. A journalist and budding author of short fiction, life is a daily struggle to uncover the latest breaking story while attempting to be Hemingway in the self-same time. Focussed especially on Europe and West Asia, discussing Brexit, the Iran crisis and all matters related is a passion that endures to this day. Believes firmly that life without the written word is a life best not lived. That’s me, Ashwin Ahmad.

Trudeau’s Vote Bank Politics Exposes Gaping Foreign Policy Holes

NEW DELHI: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose parliament, the country’s highest political body, to make his claim about India’s alleged role in the killing of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. It does suggest the “potential link between agents of the Government of India and the killing of a Canadian citizen”, he said. He’s kicked […]Read More

IMEC: Geopolitics And Cost-Benefit Analysis

NEW DELHI: The clock is ticking on the 60-day deadline set for fleshing out the ambitious IMEC (India-Middle East-Europe Corridor) project, seen as an alternative to China’s BRI. “The ministers will have to meet in 60 days to see if IMEC makes financial sense. Only there can we make a judgement on how it is […]Read More

G20: Needed, Roadmap On Climate Financing, Tech Transfer

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi has made action on climate change a priority in the run-up to the G-20 summit. In a penned article in the Indian Express on India’s expectations from the G20 on Thursday, the prime minister stated that not only should “climate action be a complementary pursuit,” but that actions on climate […]Read More