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Traveller, bibliophile and wordsmith with a yen for international relations. A journalist and budding author of short fiction, life is a daily struggle to uncover the latest breaking story while attempting to be Hemingway in the self-same time. Focussed especially on Europe and West Asia, discussing Brexit, the Iran crisis and all matters related is a passion that endures to this day. Believes firmly that life without the written word is a life best not lived. That’s me, Ashwin Ahmad.

How Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Ensured His ‘Corona Coup’ Was

NEW DELHI: Could governments use the coronavirus to muzzle democracy? This is not a trick question.  Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has through the infamous ‘coronavirus bill’, armed himself with almost unlimited powers and extended the ‘state of emergency’ allowing him to rule by decree. People can be jailed for up to five years for […]Read More

‘West Is In Decline But There’s No Certainty Yet Of

NEW DELHI: As part of our ‘Chinese Virus, Global Reset’ series, StratNews Global reached out to former diplomats and strategic analysts with questions on what the world order will look like post Covid-19. Harsh Pant, Director, Studies and Head of the Strategic Studies Programme at the Observer Research Foundation, tells Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad that […]Read More

How The Chinese Coronavirus Will Impact The Global Economy

NEW DELHI: As the Wuhan coronavirus continues its bloody sweep through the world, there are fears of an economic bloodbath that has not been seen since the 2008 recession. From record stock market crashes to the latest estimate by the United Nations of a $2 trillion loss to the global economy, many believe the economic […]Read More

Coronavirus: The Latest Setback For An Already Gloomy Global Economy

NEW DELHI: Already reeling under protectionism and US-promoted unilateralism, global trade has been dealt a further blow by coronavirus. Estimates by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) show the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to result in $50 billion decrease in exports across the globe with the most affected being the European Union […]Read More

Europe In Crisis Mode As EU Battles To Contain Coronavirus

NEW DELHI: The leaders of 27 EU member states were in fighting mode as they held a rare video-conference on Tuesday to carve out a joint response to the crisis. According to latest figures, the virus now numbers 15,000 cases in the continent along with an estimated 536 deaths. This figure is likely to change […]Read More

Ola Drives Into London With Fanfare But Will Passengers Continue

NEW DELHI: “Namastey London” is the title of a Bollywood film that was released over a decade ago. The title was attractive enough for Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder of Ola cabs, to use it when he opened Ola operations in the British capital last month. The London launch was the culmination of global foray by the Bengaluru-based company which saw […]Read More

‘We Need To Sit Down And Find Solutions To Contain

PUNE: For tourism dependent countries such as the Maldives the coronavirus emanating from China poses a huge challenge and Fayyaz Ismail, Minister Of Economic Development In The Maldives believes that containing the coronavirus should be the key priority at the moment. Speaking to Ashwin Ahmad, the minister said that Asian nations needed to become more […]Read More

‘Coronavirus A Global Disease, Urge WTO Members Not To Put

PUNE: With the U.S.’s sustained attack on the Appellate Body of the WTO – the body which determines trade disputes between member nations – and President Trump’s statement that countries such as India and China are taking advantage of their “developing country” status to get unfair trade benefits, there is a real danger to the functioning […]Read More