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Surya Gangadharan

Thirty eight years in journalism, widely travelled, history buff with a preference for Old Monk Rum. Current interest/focus spans China, Technology and Trade. Recent reads: Steven Colls Directorate S and Alexander Frater's Chasing the Monsoon. Netflix/Prime video junkie. Loves animal videos on Facebook. Reluctant tweeter.

India’s Semiconductor Ambitions Face Challenges And Obstacles

NEW DELHI: Work on India’s first semiconductor chip manufacturing plant is expected to get underway early in the new year, in Mysuru, Karnataka. Media reports quoted Ashwath Narayan, state IT minister, to that effect, also indicating that the company is the International Semiconductor Consortium (ISC) comprising the UAE based investment firm Next Orbit Ventures and Israel-based […]Read More

In Nepal, China’s Border Encroachments Are A Concern Never Talked Of Openly

KATHMANDU: There’s something about China which stirs Nepal’s comrades, something which makes them overlook, gloss over or just ignore its transgressions, even those that impact Nepal. For instance, China’s encroachments into Nepali territory are well documented although rarely talked about. Former prime minister KP Sharma Oli is known to have ignored reports by his own […]Read More