South Asia and Beyond

Surya Gangadharan

Thirty eight years in journalism, widely travelled, history buff with a preference for Old Monk Rum. Current interest/focus spans China, Technology and Trade. Recent reads: Steven Colls Directorate S and Alexander Frater's Chasing the Monsoon. Netflix/Prime video junkie. Loves animal videos on Facebook. Reluctant tweeter.

Campaigning On Subdued Note As Nepal Gears Up For Elections

KATHMANDU: Something is missing in Kathmandu amid the noisy honk of vehicles, the press of people on the streets and the hubbub of the bazaars. Missing are the politicians, cadres of various parties, their sympathisers and supporters who, with elections just over two weeks away, should have been out there in constituencies across Kathmandu and other […]Read More

Ukraine War: Double Standards And Sanctions Busting

NEW DELHI: The mood in Moscow is grim. It’s been around 24 hours since Russia carried out air, land and undersea drills involving its nuclear forces, simulating a massive counter strike. It flowed from President Vladimir Putin’s warning to use “all means available” to defend Russian territory. U.S. President Biden had earlier warned Russia that using […]Read More

Showcasing Samarkand: Uzbekistan Rolls Out The Welcome Mat

SAMARKAND: The SCO summit in Samarkand was a Made for Uzbekistan event, designed to showcase its natural beauty, magnificent and perfectly preserved historical monuments and organisational (read government) competence and efficiency in carrying through a successful world summit. But in a move perhaps harking back to Soviet times, access to Samarkand was tightly controlled for the […]Read More

Deal On Gogra-Hot Springs Brightens Modi-Xi Bilateral Prospects At SCO

SAMARKAND: Does the India-China agreement on withdrawal of troops from Gogra-Hot Springs lay the ground for a Modi-Xi Jinping bilateral at Samarkand’s SCO summit? The withdrawal meets the line in the sand drawn by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar—no improvement in bilateral relations could take place without China pulling back its forces from areas occupied […]Read More

Battleground Central Asia: Can India Rise To The Challenge?

SAMARKAND: Welcome to Central Asia, the biggest geopolitical battlefield in India’s neighbourhood. This is where India’s mettle will be tested against a China that has made aggressive inroads into the region. The big question: does India have the stomach to take on China here? Prime Minister Modi’s presence at the heads of state summit of […]Read More