South Asia and Beyond

Surya Gangadharan

Thirty eight years in journalism, widely travelled, history buff with a preference for Old Monk Rum. Current interest/focus spans China, Technology and Trade. Recent reads: Steven Colls Directorate S and Alexander Frater's Chasing the Monsoon. Netflix/Prime video junkie. Loves animal videos on Facebook. Reluctant tweeter.

No Thaw, India In China’s Adversarial Crosshairs

NEW DELHI: When is an India-China thaw a thaw? More to the point, does a possible Chinese withdrawal from Patrolling Point 15 indicate (as some reports suggest) a thaw in the making? Or the fact that Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an audience to newly appointed Indian ambassador Pradeep Singh Rawat last week (after keeping […]Read More

G7 Summit: Projecting India’s Heft To The Developed World

NEW DELHI: As Narendra Modi wings his way to Germany for the G7 summit beginning Sunday, some thoughts. At a Washington briefing, US National Security Coordinator John Kirby was keen to dispel the impression that G7 members intended to ‘encourage’ India to “splinter away from Russia.” But he also acknowledged: “We want as much pressure put […]Read More

Modi-Deuba: Faith Politics And Diplomacy In Lumbini

NEW DELHI: A hop, skip and a jump would almost describe Prime Minister Modi’s helicopter flight from Kusinagar in Uttar Pradesh to a helipad in Lumbini Park, across the border in Nepal. At a day-long event combining elements of faith, politics and diplomacy, Modi will, along with his Nepali counterpart Sher Bahadur Deuba, lay the […]Read More

Imran Khan: Not So Dim After All

NEW DELHI: Derided, disparaged as “Im the Dim”, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has proved, at least for now, he’s not so dim after all. In an operation that may have been known only to a close circle of confidants, he had the rug pulled from under the opposition move for a no-confidence motion in […]Read More

Japan’s $42 Billion Bet: Ukraine Matters, India More So

NEW DELHI: Ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit, the announcement from Tokyo of a $42 billion low interest loan commitment to India sparked some speculation. It was combined with Kishida’s publicly voiced intention, when he met Narendra Modi, to encourage a unified approach on Ukraine. Kishida was quoted as saying: “Since the Russian […]Read More

VIP Visits With More Than Ukraine On The Agenda

NEW DELHI: Delhi will be deluged with VIPs from the weekend. Beginning Saturday, Japan’s newly appointed Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (he took over from Yoshihide Suga last October) will be in the capital for a day, resuming the bilateral tradition of high level visits that was short-circuited by the pandemic. The Americans are expected next […]Read More