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Sri Lanka Invites Adani Group To Discuss East Container Terminal

NEW DELHI: India’s Adani Group has been invited by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to discuss the terms of a proposed agreement to develop the East Container Terminal of Colombo Port. Sri Lankan sources have told StratNews Global that in keeping with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s assurances to port trade unions, the terminal will remain […]Read More

Ties With India Have Matured But… : Bangladesh Minister Shahriar

NEW DELHI: India came in for some praise from Bangladesh and also got a reality check from its junior foreign minister Shahriar Alam. At a webinar on Thursday, Alam, speaking from Dhaka, said the two countries are “witnessing a golden chapter in bilateral relations” with ties having matured but he also indulged in some plainspeak, […]Read More

Beginning Tomorrow, Made In India Covid Vaccines to Reach Neighbourhood

NEW DELHI: In keeping with its ‘Neighbourhood First” policy, Bhutan and Maldives will become the first two countries in India’s immediate neighbourhood to receive the Covid19 vaccine on Wednesday. India also announced on Tuesday that it will begin supplying the vaccines to Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles from tomorrow. Vaccines to all these countries will […]Read More

Friendship Treaty Needs Tweaking, Says Nepalese Foreign Minister

NEW DELHI: Nepal has once again urged India to make changes in the 1950 India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, with its foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali saying that it “needs to reflect current realities” and to “mirror the changed context of the 21st century”. He also drew attention to the report of the Eminent […]Read More

In Talks With India, Nepal’s Foreign Minister Rakes Up Border

NEW DELHI: India bluntly told Nepal that any discussion on its so-called claims to Kalapani can only take place under a separate mechanism for settling boundary disputes. Nevertheless, Nepal’s foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali raised the boundary dispute when the two sides met here on Friday for the sixth Joint Commission meeting. There was no […]Read More

India’s Vaccine Diplomacy: Balancing Act between Domestic Needs, Neighbourhood Requests

NEW DELHI: India faces a delicate task in ‘vaccine diplomacy’, of balancing domestic requirement for Coronavirus vaccine with growing demand worldwide for the same. The chorus, especially from neighbours, is particularly sensitive and in keeping with India’s ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy, Delhi has promised to prioritise vaccine availability for them. A case in point is Nepal. […]Read More

‘India Needs A New Policy Paradigm For Nepal’

NEW DELHI: Against the backdrop of political turmoil in Nepal, a former Indian ambassador to Kathmandu has offered a grim prognosis of India’s eastern neighbour. Ranjit Rae, in an exclusive conversation with StratNews Global’s Parul Chandra, noted that Prime Minister Oli had dissolved Parliament simply because he had lost support within his own party and […]Read More

‘Chinese Intentions Pretty Clear’, Says French President’s Advisor During India

NEW DELHI: Strategic dialogues between nations are by their very nature confidential but Emmanuel Bonne, diplomatic advisor to French President Macron, acknowledged that Thursday’s talks with India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval covered “strategic opportunities and our defence and security relationship”. He elaborated at a webinar organised by the Vivekananda Foundation in Delhi the same […]Read More