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Nitin A. Gokhale

Nitin A. Gokhale

Film buff. Sports enthusiast. Keen observer of life. Writes for a living; analyses defence and foreign policy as a professional. 37 years in journalism: from print to broadcast and from web to social media, have had the opportunity to dabble across mediums. Love to experiment with startups. That’s me, Nitin Anant Gokhale.

‘Mountains Favour The Defender’

NEW DELHI: The India-China standoff along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh may be nowhere closer to resolution but India has the advantage by occupying tactical heights on the southern bank of Pangong Tso. Mountains favor the defender; whoever occupies dominating heights is in control of the battle, says Siachen hero Lt Gen. […]Read More

The Untold Story Of Tulung La, 1975: ‘The Chinese Had

NEW DELHI: In the long history of the India-China boundary dispute, a few incidents remain a landmark. The 1962 war is the biggest of them all; the 1967 clash at Nathu La in Sikkim is another. But another episode of a bloody encounter between Indian and Chinese soldiers that happened in Arunachal Pradesh in 1975 is […]Read More

BRI Comes With Subtle But Powerful Baggage Of Discourse: Australian

NEW DELHI: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature project—The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)—is disconcerting for many countries. It is projected as a means for other countries to benefit from China’s capital and infrastructure-building capacity but in China it is seen as a grand project that will help assert China’s strategic influence around the world, says […]Read More

1965 War: The Battle For Haji Pir

NEW DELHI: In April 2013, military aficionados gathered at London’s National Army Museum voted the twin battles of Kohima and Imphal between the British Indian Army and the Japanese Imperial Army during April-July 1944 as Great Britain’s ‘greatest battle’ ever fought, beating Waterloo and Normandy—two other decisive victories in war for Britain—to second and third […]Read More

Eye On Rural, India Setting Global Standards For 5G Tech:

NEW DELHI: The fourth generation telephony focused mainly on urban areas, with coverage of the countryside being incidental, says Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, chairman of Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI). But 5G will be a leveller of sorts; rural areas will get carpet coverage and the same kind of broadband as urban areas, Prof. Ramamurthi, […]Read More

China’s Coercive Behaviour Needs Proportionate Response: Maritime Strategist James Goldrick

NEW DELHI: Australia needs to have strategic weight, increase deterrence to increase lethality and reach in the region so that we can tell people ‘this far and no further’, says maritime strategist James Goldrick. Elaborating on his country’s plan to ratchet up defence capabilities in the coming decade to deter Chinese aggression, Rear Admiral (retd) Goldrick […]Read More