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What Has Relief Got To Do With Religion? A Lot,

KARACHI: Even at the best of times, it’s tough being part of a minority community in Pakistan. The Chinese virus pandemic that has affected over 1800 people in India’s western neighbour hasn’t blurred the administrative indifference towards Hindus and Christians. In the narrow bylanes of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and the country’s financial nerve centre, minorities […]Read More

‘Planning, Practise Pivotal For IAF Wuhan Evacuation’

NEW DELHI: Group Captain AK Patnaik details the Indian Air Force evacuation of 112 passengers ( 76 Indians and 36 foreign citizens) from the-then-epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic Wuhan, and the transport of 15 tonnes of medical supplies to China. The Flight Commander, 81 Squadron (Skylords) in this chat with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh […]Read More

Why Militaries Have To Be Ready For Non-Traditional Threats

NEW DELHI: Today’s security environment is no longer linear or predictable. In recent years, the discourse of national security has undergone a subtle transformation. It’s no longer confined to counting force levels or just matching military powers with a neighbour. In today’s context, militaries cannot be compartmentalised. They have to anticipate a mix of symmetrical as […]Read More

‘U.S. May See Taliban As A Credible Bet In The

NEW DELHI: The Islamic State’s claimed attack on a Sikh gurudwara and dharamshala in Kabul that killed at least 25 people on Wednesday, may not be directed at India.  Rather it fits in with that movement’s anti-non Muslim attitude, says India’s ex-envoy to Afghanistan Gautam Mukhopadhaya. Speaking to StratNews Global Editor Surya Gangadharan and Associate […]Read More

‘Impact On Afghanistan Of Coronavirus In U.S. May Rival, Exceed

AFGHANISTAN: Political Scientist and specialist on Afghanistan Dr Barnett Rubin warns that the threat from the Corona Pandemic and the U.S need to focus on its effects back home, could have an impact on Afghanistan as serious as the breakup of the Soviet Union. In this interview to Tolo News International Desk head Shabeer Ahmadi, Dr Rubin […]Read More

‘Unite, Form Team To Talk To Taliban Or Face Intensified

KABUL: The U.S threat to cut up to 20 percent of its aid is a sign that it doesn’t see the current fractured Afghan government as essential to its goal of withdrawal: Laurel Miller, Director of Crisis Group’s Asia Programme tells Shabeer Ahmadi, the head of the foreign desk, Tolo News. Miller, who was former […]Read More

‘India’s Corona Lockdown Correct, Italy’s Mistake Was A Gradual Process’

NEW DELHI: Italy, with over 6,000 people felled by the coronavirus has more dead than anywhere in the world at this time. Fausto Biloslavo, a senior journalist with Il Giornale and Panorama warns the actual number of people infected may be ten times the official figure. In this conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P.Revi, he insists the all-India […]Read More

Falling Oil Prices: Why A Strategic Opportunity Awaits India

NEW DELHI: Amidst the crisis comes an opportunity. While the global economy takes crippling blows day after day, thanks to the Chinese virus otherwise known as COVID-19, plummeting crude oil prices will enable India to not only partly make up for some financial deficit but also hedge for the future by beefing up its strategic oil […]Read More