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When The Military Swears Loyalty To A Party, Not The

NEW DELHI: The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the only military force in the world, which it meant not to serve a nation or its people but a political party—the Communist Party of China. Once a behemoth, it’s on course to transform itself into a lean and mean force, acquiring modern technological trends along the […]Read More

‘Nepal’s Political Class Prefers Politics To Fighting Covid’

NEW DELHI: Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has shown a remarkable ability to outmaneuver his political rivals, says Yubaraj Ghimire, well known Nepali journalist and editor of In an exclusive chat with StratNews Global from Kathmandu, Ghimire says what happens on Thursday is crucial. It is the last day for political parties to […]Read More

Countering China’s Goal Of ‘Reunifying’ Taiwan By Force

New Delhi: China has been increasing the number and extent of fighter jet, bomber and surveillance flights into Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ). The People’s Liberation Army’s Navy(PLAN) continuously sails warships and its aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait, while U.S. Navy Carrier Battle Groups move through the area in regular freedom of navigation […]Read More

China’s Land Grab In Bhutan: Old Playbook, New Playground

NEW DELHI: The Chinese salami slicing tactic isn’t limited to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) about whose alignment India and China have differing perceptions. China has been trying the trick with some amount of success in the tiny nation of Bhutan as well. Both sides have been in talks to settle the boundary but […]Read More

Remembering RN Kao—The Institution-Builder

NEW DELHI: He wasn’t the classical spy who would go behind enemy lines but knew how to get the job done. Many would know RN Kao as the man who founded R&AW, India’s external intelligence agency, but that’s just one of the achievements of the man who was shy and hated the glare of publicity. […]Read More

‘Nobody’s Safe Until Everybody’s Safe’

Italy was the first country to be hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, and after seeing successive waves, has only recently stabilised. In the process, they have learnt a lot about the virus and how to tackle it, and that invaluable experience is being shared with India. For as Vincenzo de Luca, Italy’s ambassador to India […]Read More