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‘Xi Is On Top For Now But There Are Challenges Ahead’

NEW DELHI: On The Gist this evening, we look at the political and military implications of the 20th party congress that just got over in Beijing. It may not be incorrect to say that the Communist Party is now Xi Jinping’s party, but that said, there are challenges ahead.

Guests on The Gist are Prof B R Deepak of Jawaharlal Nehru University who looks at the politics of the congress, and Suyash Desai who examines the implications of the changes in the Central Military Commission.

Politically, with the party and key bodies packed with Xi’s loyalists, it leaves no one in doubt as to who’s in charge. The manner in which former president Hu Jintao was removed seems to be a pointed signal to other real and possible rivals. As for the military, the PLA seems to be on the ascendant along with the People’s Armed Police, which could suggest Xi anticipates trouble ahead either in the form of challenges from within the party or even from the streets.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Prof. Deepak and Suyash Desai.


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