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New Numbers Show That India Lifted 415 Million Out Of Poverty In The Last 16 Years

Last week the UNDP released its poverty report for 2022. The good news is that global poverty has fallen.However, the bad news is that it is still at a
staggering level of 1.2 billion. Worse, bulk of the global poor live in developing countries or what we know as the global South. The biggest takeaway though is that between 2005-2021 India managed to successfully lift 415 million out of poverty. That is more than the population of the entire United States. How did India do this?
To understand this and more we spoke to Amarjeet Sinha. He is a veteran bureaucrat who has traversed almost every district in India. After retiring as the rural development secretary and then served as the advisor to Prime Minister. At present he is the member of the PSEB. He has the unique distinction of playing a major role in designing several flagship programmes including Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (India’s main programme for universal education), the National Rural Health Mission.
Hence, an ideal person to guide us through this amazing development policy achievement by India.

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