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How A Bird’s Eye-View Is Adding Teeth To The Fight

NEW DELHI: With a nationwide lockdown in place to contain the spread of COVID-19, how are authorities ensuring that restrictions ordered by the government are being followed? Ground deployment of personnel is one way but that may not be sufficient. It’s here that the use of technology comes in handy and drones are doubling up […]Read More

‘$8 Billion Vaccine Fund, A Signal World Won’t Let U.S.

NEW DELHI: Global health reformer, Professor Ilona Kickbusch discusses the goal of accelerating the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus with an $8 billion fund and the ethics of lockdowns, tracing and tracking those infected, in this conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. With vast experience in the WHO, government and as […]Read More

How Sikkim’s Merger With India Came About

NEW DELHI: It’s India’s least populous state but a strategic one that houses the Nathu La pass leading to Tibet. The kingdom wasn’t part of the hundreds of princely states in the sub-continent that merged with India in 1947 after Independence, thanks to the efforts of India’s first Home Minister Sardar Patel. But then Prime Minister […]Read More

‘Erdogan Wants Armenian Genocide To Be Buried, Forgotten’

New Delhi: Over a century ago, Armenian Christians in eastern Turkey were subjected to genocide and mass expulsion by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid. It is considered to be among the earliest examples of “ethnic cleansing”, with over one million Armenians killed. It is seen as the forerunner of the ethnic cleansing practiced by the […]Read More

‘Strange, Virus Crisis Not Raised In UNSC, Was China Responsible?’

NEW DELHI: The politics surrounding the effectiveness or otherwise of UN agencies like the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the current pandemic broadly reflects superpower rivalries, says Vijay Nambiar, an Indian Foreign Service officer who later served as aide to Ban Ki Moon, former UN secretary general. Nambiar was on StratNews Global’s Talking Point programme […]Read More

Vietnam’s COVID-19 Success Story, Despite Scarce Resources

NEW DELHI: While many countries with a far better health infrastructure have been struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19, Vietnam has charted a success story despite having far less resources at its command. It’s not had a single death since the coronavirus first came knocking at its doors in January and had recorded only 268 […]Read More

‘Govts Need To Invest In Human Capital, Focus On Public

NEW DELHI: In times of a pandemic like COVID-19 when the need is for a coordinated global response, there has been a big vacuum in leadership, especially at the level of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), says former head of the United Nations Development Programme and three-time New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. Speaking […]Read More

‘Nathu-La Shocked China, This Was Not The Army Of 1962’

NEW DELHI: Victories in battle generally carry more resonance than defeats but that’s the odd thing. Most Indians, even those of the current generation, know about India’s defeat in the 1962 war against China. But the Nathu-La/Cho La face off in 1967 evokes little response even though India came off better in those encounters. In […]Read More