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India Ramps Up Infrastructure In Arunachal To Deter China

New Delhi: India is pushing border development infrastructure along the northern sector of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at a rate that has not been seen before. Figures from Parliament show that 2,000 kilometers of road have been built across the LAC at an allocated spending of Rs 15,000 cr –- a big jump over the previous five years – along with 60 more strategic roads expected by March this year. This spending is a bid to refocus India’s efforts along the LAC and especially in Arunachal Pradesh, as military analysts believe the state is the next target by China to keep India off balance in 2023, as the recent clash between the two sides in Yangtse in the Tawang sector showed. Tawang is seen by China as part of southern Tibet and India must expect more incidents going forward. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh showed India’s readiness in his recent visit to Tawang where he inaugurated 28 key border infrastructure projects worth Rs 724 crore along with a strategically important bridge over the Siyom river that will be capable of ferrying tanks and artillery guns. The Siyom bridge is a 100-meter, ‘Class-70’ steel arch superstructure constructed on the Along-Yingkiong road and is crucial for Indian troops. Along with this, the BRO has also recently created a road up to the LAC border post ensuring India is prepared to meet the China challenge in Arunachal.

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