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India Will Come Back Stronger, Better Able To Take On

NEW DELHI: The COVID-19 pandemic has presented governments all over the world with challenges but India with its size, diverse population and an estimated 25-million-strong Indian community abroad, has faced a stricter test than many other nations in ensuring a cohesive and united response to the “invisible enemy.” In an interview with StratNews Global Editor-in-chief […]Read More

‘China’s Rise Will Slow Down; India Can Be An Alternative

NEW DELHI: COVID-19 is one of those black swan events that will change the world forever, says Gautam Bambawale, former Indian Ambassador to China. Speaking to StratNews Global on whether China’s centrality will diminish post-COVID-19, Bambawale feels China will continue to grow though at a slower pace but its reputation has been badly impacted due […]Read More

From Coup To Covid, India Remains First Responder For The

NEW DELHI: India has been a pillar of support and assistance to the Maldives during the COVID-19 crisis, India’s High Commissioner Sunjay Sudhir tells StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. India has transferred to the Maldives, $150 million of the $400 million available under the bilateral currency swap agreement. This will enable Maldives to […]Read More

Operation Pawan: India’s ‘Vietnam Moment’

NEW DELHI: It’s often described as an intervention India could have done without. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s decision to send in Indian troops (Indian Peace Keeping Force) to Sri Lanka in 1987 after he signed an accord with then Sri Lankan President JR Jayewardene led to over 1200 soldiers laying down their lives fighting the […]Read More

How Australia’s China Connection Unravelled

NEW DELHI: Australia and China are two countries with deep economic linkages that go back many years. These linkages have been mutually beneficial for both countries so much so that Australia’s largest trading partner is China. And yet, regardless of this inter-dependence, relations between the two countries have nose-dived after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanded […]Read More

India Has Two Inimical Neighbours; Can’t Compromise National Security, Says

NEW DELHI: With the Chinese virus sweeping through the globe, causing death and ravaging livelihoods and economies, many countries like India may have to downgrade budgetary allocations (including in Defence) going forward. Although there will be cuts, they shouldn’t be so deep as to compromise our entire national security framework, says Army Chief General MM Naravane. […]Read More

‘In Corona Crisis, Russia Has Found Who Its Real Partners,

NEW DELHI: Russian President Vladimir Putin has made another national address warning of a long and difficult road ahead as the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t peaked. Tatiana Kukhareva, Head of Sputnik International, speaks to StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi on the situation in hotspot clusters especially Moscow, as well as the regions. As of […]Read More

‘On India’s Tech Highway, Cars Whizz At 90 Kmph, Bikes

NEW DELHI: The China origin virus has accelerated the use of digital technology from what would have taken years to weeks. Jaijit Bhattacharya, the director of the Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research and Samiran Gupta, the India Head of ICANN, discuss COVID-19 fast forwarding digital technology in this chat with StratNews Global Associate Editor […]Read More