South Asia and Beyond

Civil War In Myanmar Inevitable?

NEW DELHI: It’s been over two months and a half since the Myanmarese military seized power in a coup and jailed pro-democracy leaders, including state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi. Even since, the country has been rocked by protests against the junta in which over 700 people have been killed. Western countries have imposed sanctions […]Read More

India, France Step Up Strategic Momentum

New Delhi: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to reschedule his May 2021 France visit, Delhi-Paris ties are on the upswing. On ‘The Gist‘ , Ambassador Mohan Kumar, India’s Former Envoy to France and Chairman, RIS and StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi discuss the two countries’ relationship, high level visits by Jean-Yves […]Read More

Labbaik Blackmail & The Pakistani State

The television images beaming out of Pakistan these days are familiar: mobs throwing rocks, battling with and beating up policemen, clouds of tear gas. Even the perpetrators are familiar: the Tehreek-e-Labbaik, one of dozens of Islamic outfits seeking to establish sharia law in the country. The government has banned it but in a country so […]Read More

A Strategic Asset Called Andaman & Nicobar Islands

NEW DELHI: For India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands mean much more than just a union territory. The island chain’s location deep in the Bay of Bengal and close to the Malacca Strait gives India a tactical edge. It gives India the advantage of projecting its military might in the Indian Ocean Region and beyond. […]Read More

China To Target Pratas Islands?

Taiwan’s intelligence agencies believe that the Pratas Islands, located over 400 km to the southwest, are the most likely target of a Chinese attack. The agencies point to the rising number of Chinese intrusions into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, with few exceptions, these are concentrated along Taiwan’s southwest. Defending the Pratas would be difficult […]Read More

A Guide To Contemporary China

Xinjiang Cotton Ban War China is claiming victory against one of the multinationals that had announced a boycott of Xinjiang cotton last year. China’s state-run television channel CGTN reported that the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) had announced the ban last year, which resulted in Xinjiang cotton products being blacklisted. But now it appears BCI has […]Read More

Civil War Fears: ‘Factions Cleaning Grease Off Weapons’

NEW DELHI: This week’s ‘Talking Point’: U.S. President Joe Biden announcing the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan before the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Ambassador Amar Sinha, India’s former envoy to Afghanistan, Ex-National Security Advisory Board member, Distinguished Fellow, RIS and Anand Arni, former Special Secretary, who served in India’s external intelligence […]Read More

‘Taiwan Can Help India’s Manufacturing, But India Must Resolve Bureaucracy,

Taiwanese businessmen, scholars and visitors don’t know enough about India, largely because there are no Chinese language publications providing information about various aspects of India, says Mumin Chen, Minister in the Taiwan Representative Office in Delhi. Add to that India’s size and diversity, autonomous state governments, bureaucracy and red tape: result Taiwan’s investment in India […]Read More

Andamans: Should China Fear The Metal Chain?

NEW DELHI: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands give India a distinct advantage due to their strategic location—close to the Malacca Strait, a potential chokepoint for China. Most of China’s oil imports from West Asia via the Indian Ocean pass through the Malacca Strait. Besides, the Andamans give India the opportunity to keep an eye on […]Read More

Modi Lashes Out At Proxy Wars And Terror Attacks By

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a number of key messages to put forward on day one of the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi, and one of them not surprisingly was to Pakistan. Speaking virtually in English, he warned that “proxy wars” and “unending terror attacks” were unabated and that world must now look towards “different solutions.” […]Read More