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NEW DELHI: On ‘The Gist’, Ambassador Dilip Sinha, Former Head of the UN Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Ex-Envoy to the UN in Geneva and Author,’Legitimacy of Power: The Permanence of Five in the Security Council’ in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. India has assumed the rotational UN Security Council(UNSC) Presidency […]Read More

Abrupt U.S. Policy Shifts Disconcerts Allies And Friends

NEW DELHI: Is India justified in feeling let down by the U.S. on Afghanistan? Diplomats say the U.S. has every right to change policy in keeping with its national interests. But it is the manner in which they go about it that is causing heartburn in Delhi. The decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was taken […]Read More

How India, China Are Inching Towards LAC Disengagement

NEW DELHI: Over a year and counting! That describes the standoff between India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh. Disengagement from the north and south banks of the Pangong Lake took place in February after the ninth round of talks between the Corps Commanders of both sides. On Saturday, […]Read More

‘Logic, Reason Can Go For A Toss When The Chinese

NEW DELHI: Diplomats driving a hard bargain isn’t unusual but when the negotiators are Chinese, there’s a twist to the story. While negotiators of other countries bargain in their national interest, their counterparts from China keep only the interests of the Chinese Communist Party in mind. The law in China demands that diplomats or civil […]Read More

A Guide To Contemporary China

Olympics Gold Loss Gains Online Fury It’s no secret that China believes global dominance can be asserted through sport and more specifically through winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. So when Chinese gymnast Xiao Ruoteng lost the gold narrowly on points to Japan’s Daiki Hashimoto on Wednesday night during the men’s gymnastics event, Netizens […]Read More