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Solih-Nasheed Friction, ‘India Military Out’ Campaign: What It Means For

NEW DELHI:  On ‘Talking Point‘, N. Sathiya Moorthy, Distinguished Fellow and Head, Chennai Initiative, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and Dr Gulbin Sultana, Research Analyst with the South Asia Centre in the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA) in discussion with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. The panel analyses former Maldives […]Read More

India Out Campaign Led By ‘Minority, Given Some Sort Of

NEW DELHI: On ‘The Gist‘, Abdulla Shahid, the Foreign Minister of Maldives and President-elect of the UN General Assembly in a comprehensive chat with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. Threats and personal attacks in the ‘India Out’ campaign in the Maldives, he says, are being conducted by “a group in a minority that […]Read More

PoK Elections: The Façade Of Democracy

NEW DELHI: There’s a saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same! This is especially so in the case of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) where elections to the legislative assembly will be held on Sunday. It is widely expected that Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) will win since voters tend to believe […]Read More

‘FDI In India Is Growing, Across Sectors And States’

NEW DELHI: Amid the pandemic induced gloom and doom about the Indian economy, Deepak Bagla is refreshingly different. In a frank chat on The Gist, the CEO and managing director of Invest India, the government agency charged with bringing foreign direct investment into the country, says there’s a lot of overseas interest in the India […]Read More

Afghanistan-Pakistan Ties Nosedive; ‘Taliban Has No Will For Peace’, Ghani

NEW DELHI: On ‘The Gist‘, David Loyn, Former BBC Afghanistan and India Correspondent, Former Strategic Communications Adviser to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Visiting Senior Fellow, War Studies Department, King’s College London and author of the forthcoming Book,’The Long War:The Inside Story of America and Afghanistan since 9/11′ in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh […]Read More

Around 5,000 Sagaing Villagers Flee Myanmar Junta Raid

Over 5,000 residents from three villages in Shwebo Township, Sagaing Region, fled their homes after junta raids on Sunday. Shootouts occurred outside Pa Lai village on Sunday evening when resistance fighters used homemade rifles against large numbers of advancing junta troops. “They came with informants. At first, there was only a truck of them but […]Read More

Concerns Over Pakistan, China Mar Connectivity Summit

NEW DELHI: A bitter exchange between Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Connectivity Conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, underscored the difficulties of finding peace in that troubled country. Ghani warned that “10,000 jihadi fighters had come from Islamabad and other places to fight in Afghanistan last month.” He added that […]Read More

Amid COVID’s Third Wave, Myanmar Descends Into State Failure

It is sad, depressing and terrifying to see Myanmar facing a third wave of COVID-19. People are dying and crematoriums are overflowing in Yangon and elsewhere. It is a double blow to people in Myanmar, as they have been extraordinarily brave in resisting the attempted coup since February. This week, several charity groups said the […]Read More