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‘Myanmar Army On Backfoot As Rebels Seize Initiative’

NEW DELHI: The Myanmar army could be at the cross roads in its two-and-a-half year-long war against a coalition of ethnic rebel groups. It has suffered many reverses, seen military garrisons overrun, and has been unable to overcome low morale and defections. In fact, P M Heblikar, former special secretary to government who follows Myanmar closely, believes the current head of the military junta Gen Min Aung Hlaing, could lose his job if he is not able to stop the reverses. Heblikar, who was speaking on The Gist, says the junta is facing opposition from the ethnic Barmar areas such as Sagaing and Yangong, where it has traditionally enjoyed wide support. The junta also appears to be at loggerheads with China which wants the civilian government restored. India has kept a low profile through this conflict although there maybe growing pressure to change its stance of quiet support for the junta. Tune in for more in this chat with P M Heblikar.

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