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‘Pakistan’s New Nuclear Doctrine Must Be Seen In Nuanced Terms’

NEW DELHI: Pakistan has unveiled a seemingly new look nuclear doctrine, which seeks to close the window opened by India’s strike on a terrorist training camp in Balakot in February 2019. Brig. Arun Sahgal of the Delhi Policy Group think tank, believes the new doctrine reflects the Pakistani military/strategic establishment’s multiple insecurities, from a bankrupt economy, political turmoil, public disaffection with the army and India’s own expanding economy and growing international strategic networks. In this chat on The Gist, Brig. Sehgal says Pakistan now sees the use of nuclear weapons across the tactical and strategic, even vertically and horizontally. While much of this is known, it is Pakistan’s chronic misreading of India (combined with their insecurity and paranoia), which could see a local commander order a nuclear strike. Food for thought. Tune in for more in this conversation with Brig. Arun Sehgal.

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