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Along the China Frontier in the East: A Reporter’s Journal (Part – I)

NEW DELHI:  Travelling in India’s northeast is never easy. As someone who lived in and reported from the region between 1983 and 2006, Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale knows it too well. But his time in the region also makes him passionate about the northeast. And if it is connected to the Indian military, it is a bonus. For a week in mid-September this year, Nitin and his team of two young and energetic camera colleagues Rohit Pandita and Shaurya Lenka travelled, interacted and reported on some of the changes in the Indian military’s deployment and modernisation in parts of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh. This is, in a way, Part I of the the back story. Enjoy the ride as they take you through some stunning, unseen areas along the China frontier

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