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“A Brand New Canvas To Paint The Picture Of A Modern, Tech-savvy, Efficient, Multitasking IAF”

NEW DELHI: On #TheGist, Air Marshal S.K.Jha, Air Officer-in-Charge, Personnel(AOP), Indian Air Force(IAF), in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

“We will start reaping the benefits right from the time these youngsters start coming to us for training,” Air Marshal Jha says, adding, “it will give us an opportunity to mould the future generations of the IAF, which is ready for combat, conflicts or a no-war no-peace situation.” The AOP explains “we have been at it for the last six, seven months to make sure that the combat capabilities of frontline or support units are in no way depleted,” and he looks forward to “ten years down the line where the IAF will be in a very good place, even with all the uncertainties.”

Watch this interview for more on the benefits and challenges of the ‘Agnipath’ recruitment scheme for air warriors in the IAF.


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