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‘India Should Not Hold Back From Talking To Nato’

NEW DELHI: Has the time come for an India Nato partnership? Strategic affairs commentator Dr. C Raja Mohan believes the time has come and India should not hold back from beginning a dialogue with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The world’s premier security organisation has for its part, welcomed an opportunity to talk to India about security matters. At the last Raisina Dialogue, no less than Jens Stoltenberg, Nato secretary-general, talked of getting together with India.

Dr. Raja Mohan was a guest on Stratnewsglobal’s The Gist programme. Speaking from Singapore where he heads the department of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, he said Nato is beginning to look towards Asia and the summit which ended on Monday, has clearly named China as a destabilising force in the world. It makes perfect sense for India to begin at the political level and gradually broaden it to include military/defence issues.

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