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‘China May Not Provoke Conflict But Will Strike If Opportunity Presents’

NEW DELHI: In our series on one year since the clash in the Galwan Valley, we talk to Dr. Shen Ming-Shi, a former Taiwanese army colonel who is presently a fellow at the Institute for National Defense Security Research in Taipei. He says China may not provoke another clash on the disputed border with India, but China will use every opportunity including ‘salami slicing’, to strike at India.

In this context, he notes that China has beefed up its combined force units. The PLA now deploys a considerable number of long range artillery and rocket artillery units, which suggests it will play to its strengths. This could also be a reflection of its manpower weaknesses. China has not fought a war since the invasion of Vietnam in 1979 and it’s not clear how the men would perform in close combat. Dr. Sheng believes that China has less men deployed on the LAC with India, and a considerable portion of these men are from border defence units whose training and resilience is suspect.

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