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Israel Responds To Syrian Missile ‘Landing Near N-Reactor’

Israel’s Defence Ministry has said it has hit several Syrian missile batteries including one “which launched a surface-to-air missile from Syria to Israel’s southern Negev.” The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed in a statement that the Syrian missile was fired toward one of its aircraft. The missile is thought to have overflown its target and landed in Israel in what is reported to be the longest-range attack from Syria, even if it unintended, and triggered U.S. ‘Patriot’ missile activation. In response, the IDF says it attacked Syrian missile batteries as well as other military targets in Syria. The missile triggered sirens near the top-secret Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor. Syria’s state media SANA said air defences responded to an Israeli attack in the Damascus countryside. The Israeli strike reportedly targeted Iranian-backed militias, which are hit regularly.