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Will Iran’s ‘Strategic Patience’ Strengthen Biden’s Hand?

 Will Iran’s ‘Strategic Patience’ Strengthen Biden’s Hand?

Iran’s strategy of ‘strategic patience’ is most likely to prevail against the Trump-Netanyahu plan to escalate matters as President Hassan Rouhani, a pragmatist, is believed to have the full support of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Source: File Photo @khamenei_ir

Joe Biden has been hailed as the voice of reason especially as far as Iran is concerned. But the US president-elect raised eyebrows in a recent interview in the New York Times where he spoke in what seemed to be Trumpian language on Iran. While Biden did agree that the US would return to ‘follow-on negotiations’ once Tehran returned to the nuclear deal, he also pointed out that the US was also committed to agreements and negotiations that could ‘tighten and lengthen Iran’s nuclear constraints, as well as address the missile program.’ If Tehran did not comply, the US could always resort to snap-back sanctions the president-elect stated and vowed to take all measures necessary to curb Iran’s ‘malign’ activities in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen....Read More

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