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A Quad Primer Amid Echoes Of Ukraine

 A Quad Primer Amid Echoes Of Ukraine
NEW DELHI: The U.S.-Russia negotiations over Ukraine are being closely watched from Delhi. India cannot influence the direction of the talks; nevertheless, it has very high stakes in a successful resolution. If the two sides are able to strike an agreement, from Delhi’s point of view there are two important fallouts: Russia can step back from China’s embrace given the end of U.S. sanctions. There are other strategic gains for Moscow but for India, any dilution of Russia’s China connection is a huge plus. For America, it means President Joe Biden can focus on the external challenge posed by China, which means focus on the Indo-Pacific. The U.S. National Security Council has made that clear and unambiguous. Senior Director Laura Rosenberger underscored that while competition with China will be particularly pronounced in the Indo-Pacific, it is actually playing out globally, adding that “We have taken a number of steps to deepen the partnership with India… India’s role is quite critical”....Read More

Surya Gangadharan

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