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India’s G20 Presidency: Will Russia Vs West on Ukraine Dictate Agenda?

 India’s G20 Presidency: Will Russia Vs West on Ukraine Dictate Agenda?
NEW DELHI: With less than five months to go before India takes over the G20 presidency on December 1, a question doing the rounds is whether the issues that arose during Indonesia’s presidency could “spill over”. Recall that within two months of Indonesia taking over the G20 presidency last year, the Ukraine war exploded on the world driving up energy prices, creating food insecurity and sparking diplomatic tensions, none of which seem anywhere near a solution. Allied to this is the other question: whether the politically influential and economically powerful U.S. and its Western allies will turn the economic agenda of the G20 on its head to focus on the Ukraine war and bad boy Russia. “There are 160 to 190 sectoral meetings on a range of issues to be held from December onwards,” sources told StratNewsGlobal, “and the point is whether those deliberations could fall casualty to the Western need to punish Russia for invading Ukraine.”...Read More

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