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‘Armed Forces Medical College Working On Coronavirus Vaccine For The Future’’

NEW DELHI: We have prepared since January and are ready for any emergency, Lt. General Anup Banerji, Director General, Armed Forces Military Services tells StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P.Revi. He said quick reaction teams are ready to go to any SAARC country after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, and the success of the team that went to the Maldives and acted as a force multiplier in the battle against the pandemic.

In this exclusive, first elaborate media interaction General Banerji outlines the tri-service camps that have been converted into quarantine centres and 89 hospitals across the country that have been beefed up with manpower, equipment and special financial powers cleared by no less than Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. General Banerji made two significant disclosures in this interview: that the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune is working on a vaccine against coronavirus, and a proposal from the military to convert railway coaches into medical facilities is being worked out. The military’s strict discipline will ensure protection to the protectors, he said in the first of a Strat News Global series- Enemy At The Gates: India’s Virus Warriors.

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Gen. Banerji took over as Director General Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS) on 01 Nov 2019. Prior to this he was Director General Medical Services (Army), DG Medical Services (Navy), Commandant, Army Medical Corps Centre & College, Lucknow and MG (Medical), Maharashtra Gujarat & Goa Area based in Mumbai.

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