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First Time U.S Has Said It Will Protect Taipei, Warned China Of High Price: Taiwan MP Wang Ting-Yu

NEW DELHI: The U.S. White House declassifying the Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific is “very important and significant since it was supposed to be classified for 30 years, says Taiwan Member of Parliament Wang Ting-yu. “It reveals a layered strategy clearly” and “warns China if it dares to do something stupid (forcibly unify Taiwan), the price will be too high and they can’t afford it,” the co-chair of Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defence Committee says, adding, “This is the first time, the United States has announced so directly and clearly that they will protect Taiwan.”    

On the Trump administration releasing the document with days to go for the Biden transition, he points out “This document is not a single party decision. It’s bipartisan. It’s the United States’ national strategy. So, it won’t be ended when the Trump administration finishes. This is a long term and continuing strategy for The United States and its allies.”  On outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision on the weekend to drop restrictions barring U.S. and Taiwanese officials meeting, Mr Wang says, “this announcement is a kind of conclusion of the past three years and efforts.” 

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On a step-up in relations with India, especially post the Ladakh standoff with China, the Taiwan MP says, “we appreciate and cherish the friendship,” adding, “post COVID-19, we need to reorganize world manufacturing. We used to put all manufacturing in China. Just imagine Japan, Taiwan plus India, how strong, we will be…and we can invite others including Vietnam and Malaysia to join.”

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