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Diplomat’s Take On Wind Of Change With Indian Shades

NEW DELHI: Remember the German heavy metal band The Scorpions and their iconic number Wind of Change, played at the Brandenburg Gate as the Berlin Wall came down in 1990. Rolling Stone Magazine described it as a “soundtrack of sorts to a political and cultural revolution”.

That song has been recast, to mark German reunification on October 3, as an Indo-German co-production courtesy Walter J Lindner, Germany’s ambassador to India. In an exclusive chat with StratNews Global Deputy Editor Parul Chandra, Lindner described it as a fusion music video with artistes based in different cities.

It was recorded in June and July with nine Indian artistes who lent their voices and music with Lindner playing the guitar. Pandemic times meant the artists could not gather at the recording studio at one go. So the instrumentalists recorded their pieces at their homes as did the lead singer.

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Lindner is an accomplished musician and arranger in his own right. He’s made it a point to jam with local musicians wherever his diplomatic career took him, whether Kenya, New York or Turkey.

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