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‘The Economic & Political Impact Of Coronavirus Could Be Devastating For The US’

NEW DELHI: America today may resemble a third world country in some respects.  The coronavirus has exposed crippling administrative inefficiencies and the chronic under-funding of the healthcare system.

Akshobh Giridhardas, Washington-based director of client services with the Bower Group Asia, a public policy firm, tells StratNews Global that the impact has been devastating with even masks in short supply.  Public response to government directives on maintaining social distancing have been uneven, with many young people apparently intent on enjoying their holidays. The authorities are seen to have been negligent especially when dealing with people coming from overseas. Incidentally, the US appears to have caught the coronavirus infection from Italy not China.

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Giridhardas says India’s positive response with reference to the US request for the hydroxychloroquine drug is good for the relationship.  But the real battle has to be fought at home and the steep rise in infections and the death rate suggest this could continue well into April.  He warns that this could impact negatively on President Trump’s poll prospects.   


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