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‘India Needs To Adopt A More Sustainable Model Of Development’

NEW DELHI: Looking back on the recently concluded COP26 in Glasgow, former foreign secretary and climate change envoy Shyam Saran says two points clearly stand out: developing countries cannot rely on the developed world to deliver on the $100 billion of climate financing they had committed, to simply because their own economies are in trouble; second, India must find an alternative to the current energy intensive model of development, more so because much of the energy is imported whether oil, gas or coal, and it also unsustainable.

In a chat on StratNewsGlobal’s The Gist programme, Ambassador Saran regretted that although there is a major push towards renewable energy (add to that a Rs. 400 per ton tax on coal), there appears to be no move towards addressing the larger issue of economic sustainability.

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Tune in for more in this conversation with Ambassador Shyam Saran on The Gist.


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