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‘Xi Jinping Has Integrated The Party With The State’

NEW DELHI: When it comes to shaping China’s foreign policy, it’s the Chinese Communist Party that decides. That’s how Chinese President Xi Jinping wants it to be. It’s a stark departure from what Deng Xiaoping, credited as the architect of modern China, did (kept the party and the government separate), says Dr Lance L.P. Gore, Senior Research Fellow at the East Asian Institute of National University of Singapore. Speaking to StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale on the sidelines of the Global Conference of New Sinology (GCNS) organized by the Organisation for Research on China and Asia (ORCA) in association with StratNews Global, Dr Gore said Xi Jinping has “integrated the party with the daily action of the state so that the party does not get marginalized” and has moved away from Deng Xiaoping’s ‘lie low policy’ by centralizing power. Tune in for more.

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