South Asia and Beyond

“India Is Critical Ingredient In Quad Recipe, Lynchpin Of U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy”

New Delhi: Neil Thomas, Fellow for Chinese Politics at the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Centre for China Analysis in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

This series of interviews was conducted in association with ORCA at their flagship event, the Global Conference on New Sinology (GCNS). ORCA, based in New Delhi, is a nonpartisan research institute specialising in in-depth analysis of contemporary Chinese affairs. We invite you to explore their website, which offers a wealth of resources, including special issue reports, data dashboards, informative podcasts, engaging infographics, thought-provoking articles, and a daily newsletter.

Neil Thomas, in this interview, discusses how the U.S. views India as critical in the Quad paradigm, the difference in America’s framing of Quad policy depending on who the POTUS(President of the United States)is, the challenges and opportunities for the quadrilateral security, the need for continuous “commitment to on the ground change and resources for countries in the Indo-Pacific region” to provide “real meat on the bones and provide a competitor to China’s efforts in the development space”, a need to have “honest conversations on how the Quad will respond to a security crisis with China”, whether its evolution also needs a 4+4 Defence & Foreign Ministers Meeting, whether it will move more towards institutionalisation with some analysts calling for a secretariat in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the India-U.S strategic partnership, some historical mistrust between American and Indian policy makers, the need for “stronger deterrence that would make China less likely to overstep the line” and the Chinese Communist Party post Xi Jinping.

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