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‘We Are Confident Of Our Capabilities In Ladakh But Negotiations With China Are The Way Forward’

NEW DELHI: India is looking forward to resolution of the deadlock with China over Patrol Point 15 in Ladakh, which could pave the way for disengagement of forces all the Line of Actual Control. That’s been the hope but it’s not clear if China is willing, admits Lt. Gen. S.L. Narasimhan, director general of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, a think tank of the external affairs ministry.

Gen. Narasimhan was being interviewed on The Gist to mark the anniversary of the Ladakh standoff and the clashes that followed resulting in the deaths of 20 Indian Army personnel.

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He said there were valuable lessons learned from the standoff, notably the need to closely monitor Chinese military exercises. He said currently there was no alternative to the “mirror deployment” of Indian forces in Ladakh although he did not anticipate any immediate Chinese aggression in Ladakh.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Lt. Gen. S.L.Narasimhan of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies in Delhi.


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