South Asia and Beyond

India Needs Strong Maritime Security System, Says NSA Doval

NEW DELHI: The changing geopolitical scenario in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has led to “international rivalries, competition and clash of interests” and it is important for India to protect its interests and be vigilant, said National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval. He inaugurated the first meeting of the Multi-Agency Maritime Security Group (MAMSG) chaired […]Read More

The All-Rounder Pakistan Can Do Without

NEW DELHI: In 2018, Imran Khan became Pakistan’s Prime Minister promising to be the ‘all-rounder’ he once was for his country on the cricket field. His election manifesto was titled ‘The Road to Naya Pakistan’. Two years later, the road seems endless, the destination far from sight. The country’s finances are in a parlous state, […]Read More

In War against Chinese Virus, DRDO Reinvents Itself

NEW DELHI: As India fights the Chinese virus, it’s getting crucial support from the country’s premier R&D agency— Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in quickly developing some critical medical solutions. From Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to multi-patient ventilators, DRDO has taken on the task of rolling out mass supply of critical medical items amid […]Read More

Chinese Virus Has Exposed The True Face of The Pakistani Army

NEW DELHI: The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic is not only a test of a nation’s resolve, but in some cases, also exposes the true face of its society, military and institutions. While, in India, its armed forces are taking a lead in the fight against the invisible enemy, the Pakistani Army is busy shifting COVID-19 affected […]Read More