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US Lawmaker Michael McCaul Tells Taiwan Long Overdue Weapons Will Finally Be On Their Way


A senior US lawmaker Michael McCaul said the weapons Taiwan had ordered are finally on their way. He added that China’s “intimidating” war games last week underscored the need to boost the island’s deterrence abilities. McCaul is the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“We are moving forward on those weapons systems. I’d like to see it faster, but they are forthcoming.”

McCaul is currently in Taipei as the head of a bipartisan delegation of five other US lawmakers. They met with Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-te. The other members of the delegation were Representatives Young Kim of California, Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Andy Barr of Kentucky, all Republicans; and Democrats Jimmy Panetta of California and Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania.

McCaul told reporters that the Chinese threat was a real one. He said the focus for Taiwan should be on maritime weapons like Harpoon anti-ship missiles, to stymie an invasion. McCaul also offered reassurance that no matter who won the US presidential election in November, US support for Taiwan would remain.

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Lai, meeting McCaul earlier in the presidential office, said he would “enhance national defence capabilities, and show the world the determination of the Taiwanese people to defend their homeland.”

China’s Foreign Ministry said McCaul and the other lawmakers had gone to Taiwan over Beijing’s strong objections, and that it had lodged “stern representations.”

Last year, Beijing placed sanctions on McCaul after his visit to Taiwan and meeting with then-President Tsai Ing-wen. China has increased its pressure against Taiwan over the past four years, including staging almost daily military activities near the island.