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Ukraine Stands Firm: No Territorial Compromise with Russia, Says Zelensky Aide

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Ukraine refuses to compromise its territory to end the war with Russia, according to a senior Ukrainian official. Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to President Volodymyr Zelensky, made this statement during a visit to Washington on Tuesday.

His remarks came in response to U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim that he could swiftly resolve the conflict if re-elected.

Yermak emphasised Ukraine’s commitment to its core values. “We won’t compromise on independence, freedom, democracy, territorial integrity, or sovereignty,” he declared. While open to advice on achieving a “just peace,” Ukraine remains steadfast in its position.

The Ukrainian official’s visit precedes next week’s NATO summit in Washington, where Ukraine will likely dominate discussions. The ongoing conflict, which began with Russia’s invasion in February 2022, continues to shape international relations and U.S. politics.

Trump, the Republican nominee challenging President Joe Biden, recently boasted he could solve the Ukraine war quickly if re-elected in November. However, he has not provided specifics on his plan. Reports suggest some of Trump’s advisers propose threatening to cut U.S. aid to force Ukraine into negotiations with Moscow.

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When asked about Trump’s potential approach to the war, Yermak responded candidly, “Honest answer: I don’t know. Let’s see.” He added that Ukraine would lobby any new U.S. administration for continued support, noting the strong bipartisan backing Ukraine has received in Washington.

The United States has provided over $50 billion in military aid to Ukraine since 2022. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently announced an additional $2.3 billion in security assistance.
Yermak highlighted that polls show most Americans still support Ukraine after two years of war. “It will be a decision of the American people. We will respect this choice,” he said, referring to the upcoming U.S. presidential election on November 5.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated Russia would end the war if Ukraine ceded four eastern and southern regions claimed by Moscow. Trump, despite his bold claims, has said he does not accept Putin’s terms.

As the conflict persists and the U.S. election approaches, Ukraine’s resolve remains unshaken. The country continues to defend its sovereignty while navigating the complex landscape of international support and changing political tides.

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