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Trump Has Lost 46% Of His Wealth, Could Lose Immunity From Prosecution Too

Former president Donald Trump sees steep drop in his wealth, losing 46% since 2016
 Trump Has Lost 46% Of His Wealth, Could Lose Immunity From Prosecution Too

What is Donald Trump’s net worth? According to Forbes magazine, the Republican frontrunner for president has lost 46% of his wealth since 2016. His current worth is around $2.6 billion, which ruled him out of the Forbes 400 list of America’s wealthiest individuals. He was $300 million short of the baseline to make the list.

Trump’s wealth comes from his real estate developments in New York to golf courses and resorts all over the world. One of his largest assets is the $500 million stake the Avenue of the Americas building in Manhattan. He also has $600 million in liquid assets while Bloomberg says his Miami golf resort is worth around $300 million.

But his office buildings business was hard hit by the pandemic and the surge of remote work (work from home) post the pandemic has seen a steep drop of $170 million in value.

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His involvement in Truth Social, a conservative alternative to mainstream social media, less successful than anticipated, resulting in Forbes slashing its parent company’s value from $730 million in 2022 to $100 million. The silver lining here is the merger of Trump Media & Technology Group and its funding partner from which he will gain 79 million shares worth as much as $4 billion.

Trump is facing the fallout of legal cases where he is in the dock for various offences. A Manhattan judge last month ordered him to pay $350 million in penalties. Then there was a defamation case where he was ordered to pay over $83 million.

All this could be small fry given what’s on the calendar on April 22. That’s when the US Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the former president can claim immunity from prosecution in the criminal investigation into his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. The US District Court of Appeal for the DC circuit had earlier ruled he had no immunity from prosecution.

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