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Taiwan’s Incoming President Lai Ching-te Will Be Inaugurated On Monday

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Taiwan’s incoming president Lai Ching-te is being inaugurated on Monday. He will succeed President Tsai Ing-wen.

Lai had been vice president for the past four years.

China has been increasing military and political pressure to assert sovereignty over democratic Taiwan.

Lai won elections on January 30 this year. He thanked the Taiwanese people for voting for him and resisting “external forces” who were trying to influence the vote.

China has denounced Lai as a “dangerous separatist.”  It has ramped up military drills against Taiwan. However, the US has sworn to protect Taiwan from China.

The incoming president has offered to have dialogue with China many times. However, this has been rejected by Beijing.

Lai has made it clear on numerous occasions that only the people of Taiwan can decide their future.

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President Xi has however, made it clear in his summit meeting with Biden last year that he will reunify Taiwan with China. He did not tell the timeline.

China has on many occasions called Lai a “troublemaker.”

However, Puma Shen, a lawmaker in Lai’s cabinet, says he wants to show Taiwan is not a “troublemaker.”

She adds that his offer of dialogue shows he wants peace.

Lai has said Taiwan is an independent country. However, he has not changed its current name which is the Republic of China.

Lai will give his inaugural speech in central Taipei. Taiwan’s capital.