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Slovak PM Fico Pulls Out Of Danger After Being Shot

Robert Fico

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is no longer in a life-threatening condition.

He was shot in an assassination attempt. However, a government minister said he will pull through.

Slovak media say the shooter is a 71-year-old man and the motive is unclear.

Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister Tomas Taraba told the BBC’s Newshour the operation went well.

“I guess in the end he will survive … he’s not in a life-threatening situation at this moment.”

Taraba said one bullet went through Fico’s stomach. The second bullet hit a joint.

An unnamed source told local media Fico was out of surgery and stable.

Fico was leaving a government meeting on Wednesday in Handlova when the gunman shot him five times.

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Authorities had alerted emergency services who had received information that he had been shot.

The attack had left Fico in critical condition. He had to undergo surgery hours later.

Defence Minister Robert Kalinak said at a news briefing that Fico had suffered “serious polytrauma” after the shot wounds.

Fico returned as prime minister of the central European country, which is a member of the European Union and NATO.

Slovakia had elected Fico for the fourth time last year.

He has moved between pro-European mainstream and nationalistic positions opposed to European Union and US policies.