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Singapore To Inaugurate New PM Lawrence Wong As Lee Makes Way After 20 Years In Charge


Singapore will inaugurate its new prime minister Lawrence Wong on Wednesday. Wong is the fourth leader to govern Singapore since Independence.

Wong said he accepted the responsibility “with humility and a deep sense of duty” towards Singapore and its 5.9 million people.

“Every ounce of my energy shall be devoted to the service of our country and our people,” he pledged in a video on his social media accounts.

Wong’s inauguration will take place on Wednesday evening, but he will continue to retain his current position as finance minister. He was also the deputy prime minister.

The country has so far been governed by Lee Hsien Loong. Lee is the 72-year-old son of Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore. He will remain as senior minister in the Wong cabinet.

Lee made a farewell speech last week where he urged the country to back Wong.

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“As I prepare to hand over Singapore in good order to my successor, I feel a sense of satisfaction and completeness.”

Lee had planned for his succession before he turned 70, but these plans were upset by the pandemic. His successor ruled himself out of the race in 2021.

Wong was named Lee’s successor in April 2022 after a series of consultations between the political leadership. He has since made a very minor cabinet reshuffle on Monday where he has promoted the trade minister to become his deputy.

He has stated that there will be a bigger reshuffle after the election next year.