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Russia Claims Moscow Attacks Have Inspired More People To Join The Forces

 Russia Claims Moscow Attacks Have Inspired More People To Join The Forces

Russia claims that the Moscow attacks have inspired more people to join the armed forces. According to a Reuters report the Russian defence ministry claimed on Wednesday that over 100,000 people have signed contracts with the military since the start of the year.

“During interviews conducted over the past week at selection points in Russian cities, most candidates indicated the desire to avenge those killed in the tragedy that occurred on March 22, 2024 in the Moscow region as the main motive for concluding a contract,” the ministry said

Since the attack in Moscow which killed over 140 people, Russia has claimed that there has been a Ukrainian hand behind the killings. This is despite the Islamic State (ISIS) having claimed responsibility for the attack.  In a recent statement, Moscow has demanded that Ukraine hand over all people involved in terrorist attacks in the country. A Russian foreign ministry statement stated that “Russia has turned over to Ukrainian authorities its demands … for the immediate arrest and extradition of all those connected to the terrorist acts in question.” It specially asked for the current Ukrainian security chief Vasyl Maliuk. Maliuk has confirmed the SBU attacked the bridge linking Crimea to the Russian mainland during the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Russia has been relying on new recruits to the armed forces since the war with Ukraine began in 2022. President Putin had ordered partial military mobilisation since September 2022 of 300,000 reservists a massively unpopular order.  He has since said President Putin ordered an unpopular draft of 300,000 men in September 2022 but has said there is no need for another compulsory mobilisation because the numbers signing voluntary contracts are so strong.

Ukraine too has been facing its problems. President Zelensky lowered the minimum age for Ukraine’s military draft from 27 to 25, a move effective from today that analysts said would provide a significant boost to recruitment. The law had been passed by the Ukrainian Parliament in May 2023 but Zelensky did not sign it into law till Tuesday.

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