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Russia, China Voice Concerns In UN Over US’s Draft Resolution Proposing A Ceasefire Plan in Gaza

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Russia and China have raised concerns over the US draft resolution in UNSC backing a proposal by President Biden to ensure a ceasefire in Gaza. The two UNSC members were supported by Algeria who is also a council member. Algeria voiced its discomfort with the text. The has meant problems for the resolution. A resolution needs nine votes to pass and no vetoes by the US, France, UK, Russia and China to pass.

Biden has laid out a three-phase ceasefire plan for the Gaza strip. He has called it an Israeli initiative. The US circulated a one-page draft resolution to the 15-member U.N Security Council on Monday and a revised version on Wednesday. Hamas has reacted positively but is still studying the proposal. Israel views the current draft as “acceptable.” The president has called “upon Hamas to also accept it and urges both parties to fully implement its terms without delay and without condition.”

The current draft lists some details of the proposal with “a full and complete ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip. This is part of phase one and “upon agreement of the parties, a permanent end to hostilities” in phase two. But some council members have raised questions about whether Israel has actually accepted the plan. They want the council to stick to a demand made in March for an immediate ceasefire and unconditional release of all hostages.

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Russia has proposed amendments to the US text. This includes calling upon both Hamas and Israel to accept the proposal and demanding an immediate, unconditional, and permanent ceasefire respected by all parties. Moscow also wants the draft to stress that the phase one ceasefire will remain in place as long as negotiations continue on phase two, reflecting remarks made by Biden last week.

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