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Post Raisi’s Death, What Happens Now?

Raisi's Death

What impact does President Ebrahim Raisi’s death have on the politics of Iran? He was widely assumed to be the successor of the Supreme Leader Khameinei, and in that sense his death is a serious setback.

For the time being, sources told Stratnews Global, a first vice president will take over Raisi’s duties. Some reports have named Mohammad Mokhber, close to Khameinei, for that interim role. The process of electing a successor, however, could take a few weeks.

In an establishment dominated by hardliner clerics, the new man is expected to reflect those views. Above all, he must enjoy Khameinei’s confidence and while there is talk of a power struggle, the regime would also like to present a picture of confidence and unity to the nation.

The death of Raisi may not impact Iran’s involvement in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. According to various reports, Raisi was only an implementor of Khameinei’s policies so nothing is expected to change on that front.

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For India, the loss of Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian will come as a blow. Sources told StratNews Global that since moving into that job three years ago, he had developed a good rapport with Dr Jaishankar.

“He had shown himself as committed to better relations with India,” sources said, “and was positive about growing the economic engagement while showing understanding of India’s position vis a vis US sanctions on Iran.”

Earlier this month, India signed a 10-year contract to operate Chah Bahar port. India Ports Global Ltd signed the deal and the Port & Maritime Organisation of Iran.