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President Xi Jinping to Attend SCO Summit, Visit Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

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China’s President Xi Jinping is scheduled to attend a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit and pay state visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan from July 2-6. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Sunday.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit

President Xi Jinping will participate in the SCO summit, a key regional security and economic forum. The summit aims to foster cooperation among member states, which include China, India, Russia, Pakistan, and several Central Asian countries. The summit is a platform for discussing regional security issues, economic cooperation, and cultural exchanges.

State Visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

Following the SCO summit, President Xi will pay state visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. These visits aim to strengthen bilateral relations, enhance economic cooperation, and discuss regional security matters.

Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are important partners for China, particularly in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI seeks to enhance global trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond by developing infrastructure and broadening trade links.

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Strengthening Regional Ties

These visits are significant as they highlight China’s commitment to deepening ties with its Central Asian neighbours. Strengthening these relationships is crucial for maintaining regional stability and fostering economic growth. The discussions will likely cover various topics, including trade, investment, and infrastructure development.

President Xi’s participation in the SCO summit and subsequent state visits underscore China’s active role in regional diplomacy and its ongoing efforts to enhance cooperation with neighbouring countries.

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