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Chinese Social Media Spews Venom As India-Made iPhones Go On Sale

NEW DELHI: On the day Apple’s iPhone 15 series went on sale in India and other countries, a flood of outright lies, misinformation and racist jokes about Made in India iPhones spread through China’s internet. The campaign seems orchestrated given that China’s web is a creation of the ruling Communist Party which closely regulates and monitors […]Read More

Missing Ministers, PLA Corruption Threaten To Spoil Xi Jinping’s Party

NEW DELHI: “I cannot comprehend the situation you are referring to.”  That was Mao Ning, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, replying to a question on the disappearance of Defence Minister Li Shangfu, during a media briefing recently. Mao Ning is otherwise articulate and fluent, so her inability “to comprehend” probably reflects how sensitive the issue is.   […]Read More

IMEC A Copy of Belt and Road Initiative, Says China Social Media

NEW DELHI: The announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC) at the G20 summit in Delhi, is drawing considerable interest from Chinese social media. Some of the comments are negative, others say these represent opportunities Beijing would do well to plug in to., a Shanghai-based news site, published an article titled “Competing against the […]Read More