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Ahead Of Two Sessions, China Drops 3-Decade Old Media Briefing Practice

China has ended a three-decades old practice where the premier briefs the media, domestic and foreign, on the proceedings of the annual parliamentary session. The session begins on Tuesday when the National People’s Congress (NPC) or parliament, meets in Beijing for about two weeks to vote on legislation and personnel assignments. The NPC works at […]Read More

Chinese Netizens Hail Taiwan Elections, Want ‘Freedom’ In Mainland

Readers may not be surprised to know that when the Taiwan elections were getting underway, coverage in China’s state-controlled media was censored. People’s Daily in a small report buried in page 4, merely noted that the “Taiwan Region” had held elections for its leaders and representatives. But Taiwan elections were two words entirely missing from […]Read More

Global Times ‘Praise’ Of India: Two Languages, Two Stories

NEW DELHI: China’s state-run Global Times isn’t exactly known for its praise of India or anything Indian, so when it deviated from the script by carrying an opinion piece on January 2, many Indians were taken by surprise and suspicion. Titled What I feel about the ‘Bharat narrative’ In India, the article published under the name of Zhang Jiadong, director […]Read More