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NATO: China “Decisive Enabler” Of Russia, Beijing Says Malicious Intent


China on Thursday criticised a draft communique from the NATO summit in Washington. The draft described China as a decisive enabler of Russia’s war effort in Ukraine, a claim China denounced as biased and intended to sow discord.

China’s Response

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jin addressed the issue during a regular press briefing. He stated, “On the Ukraine crisis, NATO hyped up China’s responsibility. It makes no sense and comes with malicious intent.” Lin urged NATO to reflect on the root causes of the crisis and to take concrete actions to de-escalate rather than shift blame.

NATO’s Claims

The draft communique also stated that Beijing poses systemic challenges to Europe and security. A spokesperson for the Chinese mission to the European Union criticised the draft, describing it as “full of Cold War mentality and belligerent rhetoric.” The spokesperson added that the China-related content was full of “provocations, lies, incitement, and smears.”

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China’s Position on Ukraine

China maintains that its core position on the Ukraine issue is to promote peace talks and political settlement. This stance has been widely recognised and appreciated by the international community, according to the spokesperson. More than a year ago, Beijing put forward a 12-point paper outlining general principles for ending the war, which received a lukewarm reception from both Russia and Ukraine.

China’s Stance on NATO

China has consistently lashed out at NATO’s criticisms and has warned against its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, arguing that it disrupts the prosperity and stability of the region. Leaders from Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia attended the NATO summit, forging stronger ties with the security alliance amid rising concerns over China’s actions in the South China Sea.

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